Donations given/charity work

July 2018


Having received donations from an American friend I want to give back in some way. I have now sponsored a child with the Amanda Hope Organisation, based in Arizona, to pay for a child with cancer to have a Comfy Cozy for Chemo.


Amanda Hope was 9 years old when diagnosed with leukaemia, and just 13 years old when she succumbed to it.


“During her four year fight, Amanda Hope dreamed that one day she would design a fun clothing line for kids just like her that would provide comfort and dignity during chemo treatments. Amanda Hope’s life ended all too soon when she lost her battle with Leukaemia, but her dream lives on!”


You can read about comfycozys, and what makes them special, here:

Comfy Cozees donation from me for $

October 2018


This is a fairy I created specifically for a children's cancer charity called Rhiley's Smile, for their online Facebook event 'Market Night' held on November 2nd, 2018.  Rhiley's Smile was started by Kim, the mother of Rhiley who died in 2015, 2 weeks after her third birthday.  

The gold ribbon represents the gold ribbon of childhood cancer awareness and the gold star represents the children.

I had the artwork printed onto a large (29cm x 22cm) photo magnet by Vistaprint.

It's a glossy print and the colours printed out beautifully.  I donated the photo magnet to the charity for them to sell on their Market Night and a lovely lady, Sonya Webb, bought it. 


Screenshot below is from Facebook.


January 2019


These are posters I created in the hopes of helping children with the psychological issues of the hair loss they are likely to experience due to their treatment.   

I was creating one of my mermaids and hadn’t put hair on her and I thought how, even without her hair, she still had her pretty face, still had her mermaid tail … she still clearly looked like a mermaid.  So that was how the ‘I’m still me’ characters were born.


The first three posters have been sent to the Rainbow Ward which is the oncology ward at the Noah's Ark Children's Hospital in Cardiff.  The Oncology Play Specialist is going to use the posters with the children when she does play preparation around their treatment and the side effects with hair loss. 

(I used the non-specific term 'illness' so that the posters could be used for hair loss caused by illnesses other than cancer, such as alopecia).

Still Me collage smaller.jpg